Casting call for your couples… Deadline July 6, 2012

2 casting calls listed below. If your couples qualify they will love you more than they do now! I also have one media opportunity and an important survey on Health Insurance.

1) As an experienced wedding industry professional, you may have recently encountered a couple who is fun, engaging, and possibly in great need of $20,000 towards their wedding. Please feel free to post this online, or forward the opportunity to anybody you think may be interested. The groom will be planning this wedding by himself, and will be sure to remember who told him about the show. Call your couples and ask. This may be a deciding factor on hiring you!

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the groom to impress his bride by planning their dream wedding!! Each episode will focus on
one couple’s big day. Without input from the bride, the groom gets two weeks and $20,000 to make their big day perfect!!!

2) On the Ricki Lake Show and we will be all things women, families, children, relationships… We will be producing all types of fun and serious heartfelt segments that  all women can relate to.  We are currently looking for  women who are engaged and have planned the wedding and would like a little marriage counseling to go along with it. It would be a brief segment nothing too heavy, but we want it to be informative  and engaging.

The show will tape in LA in starting in August and air on FOX in September.   If there are any fun outgoing Brides to be we would love to hear from them.

For more information.. Contact Me..


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